Measure Your Leaders’ Effectiveness with the Leadership Quotient - Individual Edition (LQ-i)

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In just 15 minutes, the LEADx LQ-i self-assessment provides an evaluation of your leaders' effectiveness across the top 12 behavioral drivers of engagement: Future Vision, Psychological Safety, Trust, Feedback, Meeting Efficiency, Autonomy, Care, Recognition, Career, Accountability, One-On-One Meetings, and Two-Way Communication.

Partner with us to turn your leaders’ assessment insights into action.

  • Assess your leaders’ effectiveness.
  • Send personalized nudges based on their results.
  • Reinforce learning with micro-learning videos, book summaries, and exercises.
  • Deliver elite coaching (one-on-one, group, and “office hour” style)
LQ-i Cheatsheet
Alisa Miller, CHRO, IAT Insurance Group
“Our leaders feel fully supported when we can give them a tool like LEADx that takes what they’re already doing to the next level. It’s a compliment to what we already offer and a very on-demand, in-the-moment solution.”
—Alisa Miller, CHRO, IAT Insurance Group

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