LEADx CAT Scan Culture Analysis for Teams Survey

Let’s decode your company culture—team by team.


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Help Your Managers Deeply Understand their Teams and their Impact

You and your leaders need an easy way to collect and digest the metrics that matter. The CAT Scan manager effectiveness survey collects exactly the metrics that matter to you and your leaders and presents them in a clean, concise, image-based report.

It’s time to stop trying to convince leaders to engage with your training. Win their buy-in once and for all with the LEADx CAT Scan.

  • Unlock access to our research-backed questions that measure the top 12 behavioral drivers of engagement
  • Identify your best-performing leaders
  • Identify which teams have retention risks
  • Uncover each team’s culture type
  • Pulse on a quarterly basis, or on your own schedule
CAT Scan Team Type

What the CAT Scan Unlocks

  1. Your Manager’s Leadership Intelligence (LQ): How does your team’s manager perform across the twelve science-backed behaviors most closely related to employee engagement?
  2. Your Team’s Employee Engagement Score: To what extent is your team emotionally committed to your company and its goals?
  3. Your Team’s Culture Type: Is your team style a “Family,” a “Startup,” a “Team,” or an “Institution?”
  4. Open-Ended Question: Team members answer, “What should your manager start, stop, and continue doing to best support you?”
Alisa Miller, CHRO, IAT Insurance Group
“Our leaders feel fully supported when we can give them a tool like LEADx that takes what they’re already doing to the next level. It’s a compliment to what we already offer and a very on-demand, in-the-moment solution.”
—Alisa Miller, CHRO, IAT Insurance Group

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Don’t Stop at Assessment. Work with us to Build an Ongoing System of Behavior Change that’s Individualized to Each of Your Leaders

Let’s turn your CAT Scan insights into sustainable behavior change.

  • Send personalized nudges based on your leaders’ results.
  • Reinforce learning with micro-learning videos, book summaries, and exercises delivered in the flow of work.
  • Deliver elite coaching (one-on-one, group, and “office hour” style).
CAT Scan Psychological Safety

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Our platform takes your leaders' CAT Scan results and sends personalized nudges to reinforce learning and spark action.

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