Discover Your Derailers Assessment & Coaching Program

Discover which of the 11 Hogan career “derailers” you are most at risk for, and develop strategies to combat them before they occur

Tuition of $1500 includes Hogan Development Survey (HDS) assessment, 57-page report, one-hour of live coaching, and one-year of behavioral nudges

"The secrets of the dark side are readily accessible because they are captured by a person's reputation — other people can tell you about your dark side. What you do with that information is up to you."
Dr. Robert Hogan

‘Discover Your Hogan HDS Derailers’ Is The Most Effective Way To Ensure Leaders Achieve Their Potential

Hogan HDS Derailers

Dark-side personality describes a group of traits that are strengths under normal circumstances but become reputation-damaging flaws when individuals feel stressed or pressured. These dark side tendencies—when they aren’t controlled—erode trust, loyalty, and employee engagement.

Wait...aren’t we supposed to focus on our strengths?

"I add this caveat every time I write about it or talk about it, but it’s as reckless to ignore your weaknesses as it is to ignore your strengths. There does need to be balance."
—Tom Rath
Co-author, StrengthsFinder 2.0

Tuition of only $1500

for online Hogan assessment, 57-page report, one-hour live coaching session, & one year of behavioral nudges.

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