How LBI Built A Thriving Women In Leadership Program

How LBI Built A Thriving Women In Leadership Program

  • 223 women selected to participate
  • 43 graduates promoted within 3 months
  • 99% of app users leveraged behavioral nudges
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LBI is a large commercial bank in Ireland.

Employees: 5,000-10,000

Established: ---


women selected to participate


graduates promoted within 3 months


of app users leveraged behavioral nudges

How A Large Bank In Ireland Leveraged The LEADx App To Accelerate Gender Equality


The Challenge: Accelerating gender equality at LBI

A large bank in Ireland (we’ll call them LBI) is committed to building a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline. Achieving 50-50 gender equality is an essential part of this goal.

To reach this goal, LBI’s Learning Team needed to:

  • Build a strong pipeline of women they can develop, retain, and eventually promote to senior leadership.

  • Foster and fortify an empowering environment for women.

  • Increase awareness around gender diversity commitments

As LBI set out to achieve this goal, they put together a Women in Leadership program. The six-month program aimed to develop specific skills that would help women progress into leadership roles and thrive.

The Solution: A Six-Month Women in Leadership Accelerator Bundle Focused on Behavior Change

LBI partnered with Accenture and with us at LEADx to build out and deliver RISE, a six-month leadership development program for 223 selected women. 

The program covered five key modules over six months:

Module 1: Strengths – The first module was an inspirational virtual kick-off event opened by their CEO, followed by StrengthsFinder group coaching. 

Module 2: Journey – Module two covered real-life career stories focused on imposter syndrome and career planning. 

Module 3: Sources – Module three covered influence, power, and persuasion and how these skills can create business value. 

Module 4: Voice – This module covered the skills needed to enable women to tell their stories in a way that does them justice. 

Module 5: Challenge – They wrapped the program up, reflected on learnings and challenges, made future commitments, and brainstormed ways to pay their knowledge forward.  

Many learning professionals face a similar problem with programs like this: the knowing-doing gap. They have a pool of talented, motivated participants, a thoughtful, meaningful curriculum, expert facilitators, and well-chosen target outcomes. The foundation for success is in place, but their budget, time, and resources don’t allow them to deliver the amount of content and practice that research shows are necessary for learners to form new habits. To spark behavioral change, learners need reinforcement and practice for a sustained period. 

That’s why LBI used the LEADx platform to deliver a steady stream of reinforcement exercises and insights in the flow of work. Personalized nudges and micro-learning built a rhythm of application and practice.

The Results: LBI increased the mobility rate for women in their RISE Accelerator program. 

Getting Bottom Line Results Quickly: 

LBI built and delivered this six-month program between January and July of 2022. Just two months after the RISE program, 43 of the 223 women who participated were either promoted or moved into different roles they hadn’t previously considered. 

Key Activity Metrics through the LEADx App: 

  • Active users: 80% participation
  • Average open rate: 3.25x/person during month 1
  • Users who utilized the behavioral nudges: 99%
  • Total # of user interactions with the app: 3664

Qualitative Feedback Included: 

“I liked being able to talk to people from different departments within the bank, including people who work or have worked in branches, which is something I know little about.” 

“This course allowed me to think about my strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses.” 

“I felt empowered after that program. It really made me think about how women are viewed by society and how we need to speak up.” 

Moving Forward

LBI gave participants access to nudges and micro-learning for six months after the program. That way, participants could continue to practice and pull up key learnings as needed.