The Words You Leave Behind


Does it resemble the person you wish to be?

After you leave. They linger.

What impression in the minds of others?

Where they swirl about turning into stories.

Informing decisions.

If we could follow your words,

Where would they lead us?

If words are energy,

Do yours empower?

Or consume.

If words are influence,

Do yours unite?

Or divide.

When you make your words,

Are you intentional?

Or careless.

Words go out.

Words come back.

Searching for meaning.

Seeking a response.

What happens to the words you leave behind?

We create our world with words.

It's made of words.

Words are alive.

Yet, we forget their power; take them for granted.

Or abuse their power; turning words into weapons.

Sometimes we spew more words than are necessary.

And sometimes we withhold the necessary words.

Words can serve.

Words can heal.

Words can inspire.

And they can destroy.

They can be our friend.

Or an adversary.

What's your relationship with words?

Every day our work is filled with words.

They can work for us; paving the way to progress.

Or they can become a point of friction; stealing energy.

Words hold tremendous potential.

They are a valuable resource.

Are you a good steward of your words?

Final Thoughts:

Words are the oxygen of an organization.

Relationships are built on words and confirmed through actions.

Strong relationships are at the heart of organizational effectiveness.

Organizations that teach and encourage the wise use of words have an advantage over those that do not.

Organizations that align words and actions build trust and courage.

Leaders set the bar for communication through the values they transmit in every email, every meeting, every discussion.

Every word.

“Speech has power. Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed.” -Abraham Joshua Heschel

Together we can create life-affirming work experiences that make a positive impact on the world.