Why showing up is sometimes half the battle.


Studies have shown that initial trust is easy to build.

All it takes is a bit of dedication and time.

Let’s back up a second. True or false: we seem to like and trust our neighbors and classmates a bit more than others, even if we don’t talk to them. 100% absolutely stinkin’ true.

The more you think about it… the more you see someone and the more you have simply been exposed to them, the more you innately like and trust them, regardless of the level of interaction. Hi, how are you doing, hello, and whats up’s have more power than you think!

This is known as the mere exposure effect, and it essentially proves that trust works on a linear basis. In other words, the more you show up, the more trust and likability you will have.

How can you take advantage of this effect and build more initial trust in your life? Why, just by showing up more. Resist the urge to sink into your couch, and make the effort to show your face to people that you want to build trust with.

For example, what if your so-called target innocently saw you at (1) lunch on Monday, (2) drinks on Tuesday, (3) a party on Wednesday, and (4) a meeting on Thursday? It’s impossible to not think “if this person is similar to me, they can’t be so bad!”

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