The conversational power of HPM.


History, philosophy, metaphor (HPM). Memorize it!

Sometimes our minds just blank at the worst times in a conversation. Don’t you hate that?

But if you just remember HPM, you will always have an angle, something to say, and avoid awkward silences. It’s because everyone has HPM about literally any topic – which is why it’s a golden improv comedy rule. So if you go the HPM route, people will be able to relate instantly to it, and probably have something to reply in kind with. HPM can sneak into a conversation and take it off life support, so really… just remember three little letters!

Just imagine you are talking about puppies with someone, and see how easily HPM can apply.

History (how the topic relates to your personal history) – That reminds me of a time… I remember when I… Last weekend I…

Philosophy (your opinion on the topic) – I hate those too because… I can’t live without those because… Those are amazing when…

Metaphor (what the topic makes you think of) – Puppies are just like kittens… That puppy looks like my nephew… Puppies are like chocolate wine to me…

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