The Business Case for Reflection (Manages Stress)

One Simple Step to Boost Performance

Jessica DeMers Photography

Work is demanding. Life, in general, feels demanding for many of us. In response, we work harder and longer. This may get the job done, but it's not the most effective approach.

Research shows that, instead, if we learned to pause and take time to reflect on a regular basis, we could dramatically boost performance. We help our children pause to process their thoughts, actions and emotions, hoping they return with an ability to make better decisions, right? Adults need the same pauses.

In this two-minute video, you'll learn about the business case of reflection – the value and supporting research. Feel free to download our free guide to make implementation of regular reflection practices easy, with resources for individuals, teams, and leaders.


As the founder of élan, Abbey uses over a decade of Fortune 100 Talent Management experience to help organizations drive business results through enhanced employee engagement. She is passionate about empowering individuals and teams to be their best.