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Can You Nail A One-Minute Pitch?

I would also say think about what is most impressive about what you do and demonstrate the impact of your mission and really focus on that. I also think just having a really good opening sentence is important because you capture the audience's attention.

How To Establish Your Expertise With Dorie Clark

When it comes to a practical first step, I am a really big fan of literally just getting started. I feel like there is power in momentum

Procrastinators, Rejoice! We Are Not The Problem

People have a hard time looking at what makes them fail. Shame motivates us to save face. Some people save face by succeeding. People who habitually fail save face by making an excuse and procrastination is a great excuse.

What Are The 2 Magic Words To Leadership?

It's just really important to know your people, and then don't ask them to do stuff that they're not wired to do.

Why You Should Gather A Team of Climbers, Not Campers

It's all about having the right people on your team and working together as a unit. No one individual makes a business successful. It's the team that makes it successful, and I think that if I've learned anything over the years, it's you have to create the culture and the environment in order to attract the right people into the organization.

Are You A New Leader? This Is The One Piece Of...

Are we going to allow our job to dictate our journey, or are we going to be in charge and in control of our journey, and use the job as a piece towards that end?

Should Your Business Become A Part Of The Membership Economy?

When you change the way you think to focusing on the problem you're solving as opposed to focusing on the product you're creating or the service that you have a good process for delivering, you start to see all these new ways to layer in more value for your customers. That really provides you that differentiation that gives you an advantage.

How To Make Your Work Withstand The Test Of Time

If you look at the habits of most creative people, this isn't an accident. This doesn't just happen. This has to be consciously created.

How The CEO of Daybreaker Leads Heart First

Judgment, perfectionism and comparison. If we just recognize that they exist in our minds every day and we can move our awareness to soul sisters, gratitude, curiosity and inspiration.
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