LEADx Success Story: From “Go-To” To “Can Do”

LEADx Success Story
Photo: Pixabay/Tero Vesalainen

“I have achieved a much higher level of confidence and motivation.” Steve Hand

At LEADx we love to listen to our listeners! Let’s take a peek into the success story of Steve Hand, a LEADx listener who is advancing his career and gaining confidence with a little help from yours truly.

Steve Hand Success Story
Photo: Steve Hand

Our subject today is a “go-to” guy; someone coworkers reach out to when they have an issue or need a helping Hand. In fact, his name is Steve Hand, and he lives in Sandy, Utah. Steve is a Supply Chain Quality Engineer in the aerospace industry. More than that, he is responsible for quality control in the design and manufacturing processes of the company supplier base.

And just like most of us these days, Steve found himself taking on more work in an effort to help others. Because of these added tasks, Steve was unaware of how much time and energy he was expending in an attempt to focus on all the responsibilities piling up on his plate. “I was having difficulty with task management and productivity due to an overwhelming amount of work to be done,” he says, “Many within the company were turning to me for solutions to problems; I accepted all of them and did not have the time to manage them.”

We’ve all been in situations where we bite off more than we can chew. And whether it’s delving into the latest delegation techniques, learning how to be more organized, or finding the right way to say “No,” LEADx can help you find a solution to feeling overworked. As Steve puts it, “I had not yet realized or understood the ability to influence others or lead in such a way that I could accomplish what needed to be done and make the most of the time I had.”

Sound Familiar?

That’s often the case. Many LEADx listeners take on more than their fair share of the work, and as a result they often feel guilty for not being able to be everything to everyone. It’s important to us that our listeners find their unique strengths and use them to alleviate that pressure. Leaders need to embrace and identify their leadership qualities and feel comfortable setting work boundaries.

For Steve, it was all about realizing that he had what it takes: “I have achieved a much higher level of confidence and motivation.  Since listening to the program, a leadership opportunity has opened up in my field and I felt as though I had the confidence and the tools to go for it.”

Steve’s goal is to become an expert in Supply and Process chain quality, and to lead a new rocket motor program from design all the way to delivery. And, of course, to start a brewery (we’re happy to taste test, Steve!).

“LEADx has pushed me to undertake the challenges and difficulties of moving toward a leadership role. Prior to discovering LEADx, I had never thought that achieving a leadership role within my company was a realistic goal,” Steve says, “It’s helped me realize that that goal was not only realistic, but very achievable with the support that LEADx has provided.”

Music To Our Ears.

LEADx’s main goal is to provide people with the tools and knowledge necessary to empower themselves and those around them. Effective teams are led by people who have clear objectives and the confidence to absorb as much feedback as possible. When asked what advice Steve found the most worthy of passing on to others, he had this to say:

Listen. Take in the advice and knowledge that is being passed on and apply it.  If you don’t listen than you’ll never know what you are truly capable of achieving.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Steve.

**UPDATE** Since this post went live, Steve contacted us to let us know he has been offered the leadership position he applied forand has accepted! Congratulations, Steve, on accomplishing one of your goals!

Are you crushing your goals and taking on the LEADx challenges? Tell us your success story! Reach out at info@leadx.org.

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