Risk Management for Dreamers: You Don’t Have to Be Afraid


It’s always very positive and inspiring to hear from you and to know that my content is positively impacting you. Perhaps it's your consciousness, your personal growth, and your willingness to take risks. So with that let me start off by saying a big “thank you” for all your wonderful comments. I appreciate your feedback and I am filled with gratitude.

As we enter the last quarter of this year I have a very interesting question for you to ponder….

What will it take for you to become the person you “really” are underneath your conditioned limitations?

I ask you that because it's a question I have needed to ask myself at different points in my life. Those points where I was feeling stuck and that voice in my head was saying not to take a risk. The voice said: “you won’t make it, you can’t ask for it, afford it, etc.

There comes a point where we have to decide if we going to give into or go against the voice. Because that voice is not the voice of inner guidance but rather the echoes of family, friends, the media and even the government that have in some way shape or form given you the message to conform.

Like you I have faced that challenge of going against the status quo, for instance I had to decide if I would do what it took, because like my inspiration Martin Luther King Jr I have a dream that is bigger than the conditioning I received.

What role is risk playing in your dream?

To become the man, teacher, human being I aspired to be I realized I would have to not only dream but I would have to learn how to turn the dreams into reality. For that to happen, I have had to learn to become what my friend and vocal coach Arthur Samuel Joseph calls  a “practical dreamer”.

I realized I must be the example of someone who didn’t merely dream or fantasize about what I want in my life, but strive to make ‘the dream’ come true and in doing so, show others how to fulfill their dreams and to make them “real.”

In order to do this the next question is:

What are you ‘committed’ to learn in order to fulfill your dream, to make it real?

That leads us to ask:

What opportunities can ‘they’ not see that you know you must follow NOW?

You can be certain of this: To get to your dreams you must be willing to do what others will not do, be what others dare not be, and take risks that the fearful will call foolish.

On your journey, I wish you the courage to manage your risk to do what ‘you MUST do’, and the courage to take the risks to “Dream the Possible Dream,” that ‘they’ say is impossible.

I challenge you to risk more than Others believe is Safe, Care more than Others think is Wise,

Dream more than Others think is Practical.  Expect more than Others think is Possible!

Manage your fears by becoming a practical dreamer.

I trust that you found this article valuable if so feel free to send this to your friends.

With gratitude,

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