The Power of Knowing Your Blind Spot

Dov Baron Blind Spot

In a conversation I had recently, someone I know was saying that it must be hard for me because to use their words “I see people's stuff, and where they are just not doing anything about it.”

The truth is that yes, once I'm around someone I do see their “stuff”

However, it's not as hard as it once was because unlike when I was in my 20's and early 30's I no longer want or need to change people.

What's sad is that wonderful, potentially powerful, kind, caring people who already appear to be at the top of their game know that they want to, and could play a far bigger game. Yet they remain blind to why they repeat patterns of behaviour, or why certain things seem to repeat themselves with their romantic relationships, employees, business partners, customers, clients, friends and family, and of course leadership.

What I do wish is that everyone could recognize that is all those patterns are not bad luck, fate or anything out of their control. All of those things are capable of being changed, improved or modified to bring you the results you want.

Simply put; having a great mentor, a guide, who can assist you as you walk down the path towards your most desired outcome can change everything for the better!

None of us, even the most emotionally intelligent can fully see our own ‪#‎BlindSpots‬, we all live in our own subjective realities. However, a great mentor can see your behavioural pattern, what the unconscious triggers are, and as a result show you how to respond rather than do your usual reaction.

When you stop doing (even unconsciously) what you've always done, you'll stop getting what you've always gotten.

The results I see with my clients (people committed to making an evolutionary shift) are exceptional: massive raise in self worth, increased financial flow, vastly improved relationships, business growth that is astronomical (recent client 5,000%, yes that is thousand) and of course leadership skills and effectiveness they had never even imagined!

Looking into your blind spots and changing reactions changes everything…for the better!

So to answer the question as to whether it's hard for me because I see people's stuff: I now honour that we all have our own path, I have deep compassion because I understand most of the behaviours we do that stops us having what our hearts and soul desire is invisible to those doing them, because those behaviours are in your #BlindSpot.

That being said, yes I do wish more people had the courage to look into the places they fear, because that's where their treasure is…and I know for sure that I have an amazing map for finding it.

As 2015 comes to an end, commit to making the shift and in so doing make 2016 spectacular!

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