How to Bring More Honor Into the Office

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I have never been to a memorial service where people spoke poorly about a person, no matter how many bad things he or she did while living. It made me wonder what would happen if we honored people consistently in the workplace in the same way we would at their memorial services.

Usually, there are beautiful songs, powerful testimonies, and encouraging teachings all to honor the life of the individual. Why then can it be so difficult to focus on these things when the person is alive?

As we look for ways to honor people, it helps launch them into fulfilling their life purpose. As a result, it leads to a happier working environment and increased performance. And as we honor people, we also bring honor to ourselves. Remember that simple saying, “Just treat others how you would want to be treated.”

Regardless of poor choices, annoying habits, obnoxious behaviors, and dysfunctional family backgrounds, each person has been created with the DNA of greatness with a unique purpose to be fulfilled. What a joy it is the pull the best out of people, even when they don’t see it in themselves.

Honoring others in life and leadership comes most naturally when I begin to grasp that I am uniquely and significantly created with a personal purpose that is different from anyone else on the planet. Isn’t it true that we tend to project how we view ourselves on others? So in essence, the more we value and honor ourselves, we will value and honor others.

Let's get practical!

Ask these five questions to better understand and embrace your uniqueness and begin honoring others more naturally:

  1. What are my personal core values?
  2. What are my greatest strengths?
  3. What are my top passions?
  4. What are my most significant life milestones?
  5. What is my primary gift?

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Robb Holman is author of the bestselling book, Lead the Way, international keynote speaker, and the Founder/CEO of Holman International, a global leadership consultancy.

Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, and bestselling author who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success.