Great Communicators and Great Leaders


Todays the world of business is a very different animal than it was just 10-15 years ago. In todays world, a world where the public (at some level these are your own employees and customers) have less trust in big business than at almost any other time in recent history. Keep this in mind: are great leaders are always great communicators?

That being said; how important do you think it is to have Exceptional Speaking skills in developing that desperately needed trust?

In a previous article I stated: Your Story is Your Brand and Your Brand is Your Story.

However, if you are not able to full articulate and deliver (which is much more than words) that story, there's a good chance that every time you open your mouth you are potentially damaging your brand.

Conversely, becoming masterful (good is no longer enough) at delivering your story has the power to fully engage with your audience and have them become bonded to you, your message, and your organization.

This is once again a powerful example of why soft skill have the biggest impact on the hard bottom line.

Your Story Is Your Brand…So get the “soft” skills needed to deliver, articulately, authentically, with relevance, humour and with full transparency, in a way that full engages and inspires, gets complete buy in, and generate fierce loyalty.

Even though you may never have considered it: A company can rise and fall on the speaking and communication skills of it's leaders!

Again I remind you: Great communicators are not always great leaders, but great leaders are always great communicators!

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