Change without Changing: How to do it successfully!


The truth is and I’m sure you know it too… there are all kinds of people out there who say they want to change, and sure they “think” they do, but they don’t really.

How do I know?.. Because they are not willing to do what it takes to change!

With close to 25 years of doing this work what I have found most common is that people say they want to change as long as it doesn’t interfere with, or inconvenience them too much. The truth is:

“people want to change as long as they don’t have to change”.

But here’s the news: You do know what’s going on underneath!

You can fool some of the people some of the time, heck you can even fool yourself some of the time.

But the truth is in your quiet moments you know when the time has come and you are either going to box yourself into a deeper and deeper level of numb, where not only your sadness and pain get buried in your body but, so does any chance of true joy, fulfillment, and happiness…

Or you’re on a steady slope into your own personal version of hell, where it will eventually get so painful that you will move mountains in order to change. (I know that I’ve done both and you don’t have to do either)

I challenge you to decide because today you stand at the crossroads. You can let your ego tell you that I’m an ass for saying this, that I’m only in it for the money or some other crap about how it’s not that bad.

But the truth is. I do care. I care very deeply, in fact I care so deeply that I’m willing to tell you the truth.  “The truth hurts… But it also sets you free”

With gratitude,

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Authentic Leadership Matrix for Leadership Development
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