Arranger® Theme (CliftonStrengths®, formerly StrengthsFinder®)

Arranger® Theme CliftonStrengths® StrengthsFinder®
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Gallup CliftonStrengths® is an assessment of personality, rooted in the theory of positive psychology. Research indicates that people who know and use their strengths every day are more likely to experience positive emotions (energy, happiness, respect) and less likely to experience negative emotions (stress, worry, anger, sadness). The assessment identifies an individual’s top five “Signature Themes” from a list of 34 common talents. Individuals can then develop those talents into strengths, and apply those strengths in all areas of their life.

Overview of the Arranger® Strength

Life is a 10,000 piece puzzle and you’re looking at the world from a bird’s eye view, putting each piece together. You’re an expert decision maker because you can collect, coordinate and combine multiple elements into a single, comprehensive solution. You instinctively perceive how seemingly disparate items should come together, arranging and rearranging everything in your head. You’re not rigid in your decisions. Should you find a better plan, you’re willing to pivot. You have little patience for antiquated processes and obstinate naysayers.

Action Items for the Arranger® Strength

Choose the right job. You thrive in agile environments. Here, you’ll be seen as a resourceful coordinator and invaluable organizer. Avoid large institutions mired in bureaucratic red tape. Without a mandate for real change, you’ll struggle to impact the status quo.  

Lead the team. You like jumping into the chaos, hunting for new partnerships, opportunities and paths of least resistance. You’re also great with people, assembling teams where every member offers a unique and vital skill. Help your manager see your leadership potential: volunteer to run complex projects or spearhead assignments for demanding clients.

Pick the right partners. To succeed with challenging clients and projects, ally yourself with strong teammates. Need additional resources or data to flesh out your plan? Talk to a teammate with a strong Input® or Analytical® theme. Ready to turn your plan into action? Hand it off to your teammate with the Activator® theme.

Know your limits. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Ever had a coworker tell you this? Where you see room for improvement and efficiency, your coworkers see processes that have served them well for years. Recognize that not everyone will embrace your enthusiasm for change and learn to pick your battles.

How to Manage Someone with the Arranger® Strength

Like an orchestra conductor, your Arranger® organizes a cacophony of people and information into harmonious solutions. Whether you need help identifying a new process, managing a turnaround, or bringing the team together, your Arranger® is ready to lead. However, they can become easily frustrated when their solutions are stymied by institutional red tape and flounder in company cultures that prioritize the status quo over innovation. To keep your Arranger® engaged and effectively leverage their talents, try the following:

Count on the Arranger® for turnarounds. The team missed a big deadline, the client rejected your project plan, and you need a quick pivot: time to call in your Arranger®! Give them the freedom to orchestrate all these moving parts and you’ll have a constructive solution in no time.

Promote the Arranger® to manage people. Arrangers® are natural people managers. They’re adept at bringing together coworkers with different skill sets and figuring out how each person’s strength will enhance the team as a whole. Let them be your secret ingredient to ensuring groups cooperate, collaborate and succeed.

Call on them to improve processes. Your Arranger® is an expert at evaluating different pieces and determining how these pieces can be reassembled for maximum efficiency. When you’re ready to kick a legacy process or system to the curb, call on your Arranger® to put a plan together.

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