Job Seekers Rejoice: Google Jobs Is On Its Way

Google announced Google Jobs at it's I/O conference: So what can job-seekers expect to see in this latest venture?

google jobs
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Say Hello to Google Jobs: Job seekers, your search for employment is about to get disrupted.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced at the I/O developer conference that Google has officially gone on the job market.

Our job market, that is.

Introducing: Google Jobs.

The tech tycoon is moving in on job seekers with a whole new platform devoted to placing qualified candidates with interested companies. With apps like Glassdoor, LinkedIn Jobs, and a host of others, one does have to wonder what fresh angle Google is preparing to bring to the table to stay competitive. Well, Google has an answer for that too: partner with your competition and all shall be spared. Monster, Facebook, and the aforementioned LinkedIn and Glassdoor will all take part in the tech giant’s latest endeavor.

Without a doubt Google Jobs (a bit on the nose, but we’ll take it) will come up with some new genius filters that will become the standard-bearer for the unemployed and under-staffed alike. However it remains to be seen what exact features will be included. So far they've teased that you'll able to sift through job prospects by location, full-time/part-time, and even by commute.

Likely this aggregating service will effect job posting sites like Indeed the most. And with Google's formidable firepower chances are they'll come out on top.

For my money? I thought google already had a job-seeking application… It's called Google.

Regardless of how you feel about the role technology plays when it comes to finding new applicants or interesting positions, get ready to import your resume and airbrush your headshot. Because something tells me this one’s going to be a mainstay.

LEADx will be keeping a sharp eye out for the official launch and bring you updated information once Google Jobs is on the market. In the meantime, tell us your thoughts and reach out to

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