ACTIVITY: Leading Change Self-Assessment


Leading others through change is the critical competency of influencing and motivating others to embrace a change journey in a positive and productive manner.

This self-assessment will help you to identify your own change mindset and possible limiting beliefs.

Answer YES or NO to each of the statements below, keeping track of your total yes responses.

  1. I view change as an opportunity; I know leading change is part of my job.
  2. I keep up to date on industry trends and market developments.
  3. I rapidly adapt to new information, changing circumstances, and unexpected obstacles.
  4. I remain optimistic even under adverse circumstances.
  5. I view reasonable failures as experiments that contribute to learning.
  6. I demonstrate a willingness to take risks.
  7. I am a change agent–a catalyst for change–within my organization.
  8. I help others on my team to see the benefits of change.
  9. I demonstrate empathy with those who are negatively impacted by change.
  10. I develop action places to support change efforts.

Interpreting Results

How many YES answers do you have?

  • If your total number of YES answers is less than 5, you should focus on improving your skills in the areas of agility, ambiguity, and change.
  • If your total number of YES answers is 5 to 8, you do a good job of being “change-ready” but have room for improvement.
  • If your total number of YES answers is 9 or higher, you are strong in the areas of agility, ambiguity, and change.

Review your “no” answers to identify areas for improvement.


After completing this activity, consider leaving a reflection in the LEADx app using the Coaching Plan Activity “Reflect” button.

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