ACTIVITY: Apply Your Agility Skills


Agility is a core competency that helps professionals adapt to changing conditions with nimbleness,  innovation, and resilience.

By completing this activity and returning to it again in the future, you can make agility a powerful skill.

Activities to Boost Agility 

Use the list of possible activities below to help brainstorm actions you’ll take in the upcoming week.

  • Look at your calendar for the week ahead. What project, challenge, decision, or organizational change would most benefit from an agile approach? Choose one thing and attempt to come up with new and creative solutions.
  • What project, decision, or change would benefit from collaboration? Who on your team and outside of your team should you brainstorm with?
  • Schedule time to think about the future; anticipate what changes might occur in your company or in your marketplace. How might technology changes affect your organization? How will you respond if these changes come true? 
  • What upcoming project or decision would most benefit from a fast start?
  • Talk to your team and your manager about agility (e.g., “I’ve decided to invest my personal development time over the next few months on agility and adaptability. How do you think I could improve my agility?”)


After completing this activity, consider leaving a reflection in the LEADx app using the Coaching Plan Activity “Reflect” button.

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