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Daniel Goleman’s Five Ingredients For Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is difficult to train. As Annie McKee writes for the Harvard Business Review, “EQ is difficult to develop because it is linked to psychological development and neurological pathways created over an entire lifetime. It takes a lot of effort to change long-standing habits of human interaction.”

What You Need To Know About The 2024 LinkedIn Learning Report

The 2024 LinkedIn Learning Report just came out. The 36-page report is based on a survey of 1,636 L&D and HR professionals.

L&D’s Transformation From Order Taker To Trusted Learning Advisor

The Learning & Development (L&D) field, since its inception, has found itself pigeonholed into a reactive, order-taking role. Dating as far back as the Industrial Revolution and the First World War, organizational L&D functions began to close the skill gaps determined by managers in the manufacturing industry.

Think ‘Process’ Not ‘Event’ To Develop Your Emerging Leaders

Leader and manager development is the number one priority for human resource (HR) leaders for next year, according to the Gartner Top 5 HR Trends and Priorities for 2024 report, based on a survey of 520 HR leaders. According to Mark Whittle, vice president of advisory in the Gartner HR practice, “In 2024, the HR function will be impacted by several key trends: an unsettled employee-employer relationship, persistent skills shortage, transformative technology innovations and pressure to achieve operational efficiencies.”

9 Insights From The 2024 Leadership Development Benchmark Report

The 2024 LEADx Leadership Development Benchmark Report just came out. The 23-page report drew on an in-depth survey of 145 companies as well as qualitative interviews with over 50 CPOs and heads of leadership development.
Why You Should Build A ‘Jazz Band’ Culture (1)

Why You Should Build A ‘Jazz Band’ Culture

As a company in hyper-growth, Clari has grown from 250 employees (or “Clarians”) to 750 employees in just four years. To learn about Clari’s culture and core values (which include “Jazz Band” and “Dish Assist”), I met with the Chief People Officer (CPO), Laura MacKinnon. She broke down how her team helped scale and sustain company culture as they tripled in size in three years, how they put together their leadership development programs, and much more.

How To Sustain An Award-Winning Culture Through Extreme Change

Employee experience might just be the single biggest lever for revenue. Recent research from SalesForce on over 1,000 companies shows that improvements to employee...
The Culture Code

How A Personalized Approach Solved For Attrition with SugarCRM’s CHRO

Turnover is costly, in terms of both money and culture. Research estimates show that losing an employee costs a company approximately 33% of that employee’s yearly salary.
The Culture Code

The Key To A Thriving Culture? Develop Your Emerging Leaders with the CPO of...

Leadership development is the lever for a thriving culture. Gallup research indicates that 70% of engagement can be traced back to an employee’s relationship with their manager. At DocuSign, employees actively love their leaders.
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