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How the Chief People Officer of Criteo Cultivates an ‘Open, Collaborative, and Impactful’ Culture

How do you cultivate a high-performance culture among 3,500 employees scattered from Tokyo to Paris and New York? Criteo’s Chief People Officer, Manuela Montagnana, is the person to ask.
The Culture Code

Three Ways the CPO of Revinate Reinforces Company Culture

In today's episode, we delve deep into the vibrant culture of Revinate, a renowned software-as-a-service company known for its innovative guest-to-data platform in the hospitality sector. With over 400 "Revinators" spread across global offices, how does Revinate keep its core values intact and its culture thriving?

How the CPO of Quizlet Fosters a Culture of Learning and Curiosity

The small but mighty Quizlet provides engaging AI-powered study tools for over 60 million students, teachers, and everyday users each month. Quizlet's culture (like its product) thrives because it is deeply entrenched in a passion for learning.

Three Ways the CPO of Revinate Reinforces Company Culture

Revinate, a software-as-a-service company, has firmly planted its roots in the hospitality sector. Their specialized guest-to-data platform empowers hotels to cultivate direct relationships with guests, igniting avenues for enhanced revenue.

The Secret To Culture at Cohesity Is In Their First-Line Leaders

Founded in 2013, Cohesity thrives under the philosophy of driving innovation, delivering quality at scale, and retaining the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the data security and data management markets. Their AI-powered data security and management platform streamlines & integrates, protects & recovers an enterprise's stored data and data applications into a secure, efficient, and easy-to-manage platform.

‘Tough Times’ And ‘Investing in People’ Should Not Be At Odds. Here’s Why

Beginning early this year, companies like Meta began to champion leaner structures and efficiency. The result was layoffs, reorgs, and thinning leadership development initiatives—all of which heavily impacted middle managers. 
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