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ACTIVITY: Challenge the Process

Leaders search for opportunities to change the status quo. They look for innovative ways to improve the organization. In doing so, they experiment and...

ACTIVITY: Inspire a Shared Vision

Leaders who take the time to envision the future, and share that vision with their people, have a tremendous impact on the motivational levels...

LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE (LPI): Commit and Calendar!

Welcome to the first day of a coaching journey that can transform your approach to leadership. This week, simply commit to completing your activities, reflect...

ACTIVITY: Model the Way (Core Values)

Modeling the Way begins with clarifying personal values and builds and affirms shared values that everyone can embrace. This week recommit to modeling the...
Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program: 7 Key Qualities of Successful Programs

The LinkedIn 2022 report showed that “leadership development” was the number one priority for L&D pros in 2022. That’s because leaders are the backbone of company culture and employee engagement. Employees who don’t feel like their manager cares about them are nearly 50% more likely to apply for a new job.
Executive coaching

Executive Coaching: Definition, Benefits, and Cost

Coaching in business settings has risen to prominence over the last several years, no doubt accelerated by the unique challenges the pandemic brought to bear. There’s a growing awareness that leaders at the very top of growing organizations need outside support for their development.

ACTIVITY: Influence & Persuasion

Choose to flex this skill to become stronger and turn it into a habit. Consider one or more of these activities: Who are the gatekeepers...

ACTIVITY: Influencing Style Indicator

There are two basic styles of influencing called “push” and “pull." Some people push or pull with emotion, and others rely on logic. There...

INFLUENCE WITHOUT AUTHORITY: Reflect On Your Coaching Journey

Congratulations! You’ve come to the end of the coaching plan. This final activity can be a powerful way to anchor your growth and progress.  Reflect...
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