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LEADx is Hiring a Customer Success Program Manager

Do your friends think you’re the most organized person they know? Are you energized most when you’re helping others? Do you thrive in startup...

Best Practices To Build A Sustainable Learning Culture From TIBCO’s CLO

As Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Tran had the unique challenge of creating frameworks and programs to develop and upskill TIBCO leaders across the globe—a challenge she readily accepted after spending much of her career driving large-scale business transformation initiatives.

The Metaverse, Digital Twins, And Leadership Development

The “metaverse” may be on the way, but digital twins are already here. The organizations that learn how to harness digital twin technology for leadership development will have the ultimate competitive advantage: people who grow and develop at the speed of innovation.

Liberty Mutual Invests in Managers To Move the Needle on Engagement

Employee resignations have reached a new high in what is being called the “Great Resignation.” And employee engagement is directly correlated to turnover.
great resignation

What Managers Can Do This Week To Increase Engagement And Combat The Great Resignation

Never have we needed to be more clear on the link between employee engagement and retention. You should send this article to every manager in your organization. Here’s what they need to know…
goeasy leadership culture

Goeasy Uses Four E’s To Develop Great Leaders And Great Culture

Goeasy places high value on growth but doesn’t take employees’ time for granted, which shines through in its approach to developing leaders. The foundational leadership program, goforum, is a crowd-pleaser in part because of how people are rewarded for participating.

BOLDER Leadership and Culture at Sun Life U.S.

How do you scale leadership development to over 600 distributed managers? What are the leadership capabilities people-managers need to thrive in the new world of work?

Why the 70-20-10 Rule Doesn’t Work, And What Does

The 70-20-10 learning model is widely accepted as one of the best frameworks for corporate learning and development. The 40-year-old model suggests that people should acquire 70% of new knowledge from on-the-job experiences; 20% from interacting with peers; and 10% from formal education—like classroom and Zoom lectures. The ratios make sense on paper, seeing that “learning by doing” is the most effective way to apply and habituate new skills.
emotional intelligence

Your Team Is Judging You On These Six Emotions (And Women Are Judged Differently)

Everyone on the gender spectrum experiences emotions—both positive and negative. Failing to express emotion can also negatively affect perceptions of leadership. Robotic, unemotional leaders will likely struggle to build trust with and inspire their employees.
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