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PODCAST #229: Millennials in the Workforce | Dan Negroni

Dan Negroni leverages his experience as a CEO, attorney, and senior sales and marketing executive to help companies bridge the gap between managers and their millennial workers. He is the founder and CEO of ‘Launchbox' and his new book is Chasing Relevance: 6-Steps To Understand, Engage, and Maximize Next Generation Leaders In The Workplace.

The Right Way For Entrepreneurs To Approach Stretch Goals

Kevin Kruse: Hey there everyone. Kevin Kruse here. Welcome to the LEADx Show, which is just one of the ways we are sparking intentional...

PODCAST #228: Amazing Tips for Entrepreneurs | Shelly Sun

Shelly Sun is the CEO and Founder of BrightStar Group and BrightStar Care, which is a home care and medical staffing company. She built it into a 400 million dollar company in just ten years, while balancing work and family. She’s been named Entrepreneur of the Year, and starred in an episode of Undercover Boss.

Whole Integrity Checklist

A lack of integrity can devour credibility – especially if you’re in a position of authority. Being “out of integrity” in our society is almost...

How Leaders Lead When They Aren’t Leading: The Power of a Calming Essence (Communication)

Much has been written about the ways a leader exudes presence. While there’s no singular definition, presence is often associated with charisma, how someone...

Lead From Within: The Key To Creating Social Change

Kevin Kruse: Hello everyone. Kevin Kruse here. Welcome to the LEADx Show, where we're on a mission to spark intentional leadership in a hundred...

PODCAST #227: Effecting Change Means Leading From The Bottom Up | Gretchen Steidle

Gretchen Steidle is the founder and President of Global Grassroots, an international organization that leads a social venture incubator and mindful-leadership program for women and girls in East Africa. Among many other awards, she’s been named a CNN Hero in Haiti. Her new book is Leading from Within: Conscious Social Change and Mindfulness for Social Innovation.

How Not To “Bike-Shed” Your Feedback (Communication)

Bike-shedding refers to the act of spending lots of time on unimportant details while leaving crucial matters unattended. The term traces back to 1955 article...

Don’t Just Give The Message, Become It!

Have you ever listened to a speaker who has had every point in her presentation nailed down, Power Point was near perfect, and closing...
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