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FUN: The Lighter Side of Leadership

Direction, vision, service, strategy, conflict resolution, tasks, putting out fires, mentorship, strategic alliances, training, partnerships, financial projections, problem-solving, team dynamics, and so much more!...

PODCAST #173: The Most Funded Language Learning App In Kickstarter History | Gabriel Wyner

Gabriel Wyner invented a whole new way of learning foreign languages. He reached fluency in French in 5 months, Russian in 10 months…he speaks a total of six languages fluently and he’s learning more. His kickstarter campaign became the most successful app campaign in the site's history. Wyner's new book is called Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It.

The Language Learning App That Can Make You Fluent In 5 Months

I generally recommended that people start with my book just so they can get an overview of what they're trying to do here, and then on my website I have pronunciation training apps. They're designed to fit into someone else's flashcard application that's been around since 2006 called Anki.
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