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The 4 Principles You Need To Dominate Your Sales

The influence is not just based on the strength of my argument, but it's based on the relationship, it's based upon understanding their needs and what they're trying to achieve, and how I can help them achieve that.

The Disruptive Power Of Stress

I had a plan. On the first leg of the flight to Reno, I would work on a new webinar series and on the...

Have An Opinion! Why Leaders Cannot Succumb To The Vanna White Theory (Decision Making)

If you were to ask me about the most frustrating leader I’ve ever known, it’s not the micromanager or the control freak, not that...

PODCAST #152: Your Guide To Comedy And Conquering Goals | Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff, NY Times bestselling author, discusses his new book, Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done.

The Funny And The Follow-Through With Jon Acuff

I always tell people, "Find something that people need. Find something that's missing, and find something you enjoy doing."

#1 Suggestion For Organizations Who Already Have An Extraordinary Workplace Culture

Don’t lose the magic. And here’s how… Capture the recipe to your secret sauce. Gather your team together.  Ask them what it is they love about working...

What To Do When Your Business Mistake Leads To Financial Hardship

One of the best things that ever happened to Scott Oldford was slipping into $725,000 of debt. This may sound strange, but after interviewing him...

PODCAST #151: This CEO Made Millions By Putting His Employees First | Andre Durand

Andre Durand, Ping Identity co-founder and CEO, started the company in 2002 and has grown it to almost 600 employees in 7 offices. The company was recently acquired for a reported $600 million. Durand reveals his #1 secret to success and great culture.

How This CEO Keeps His 600 Employees Happy And Engaged

I put my employees first, focusing on the employees and letting the employees know that I have their back allows them to spend 100% of their attention and focus on the customers.
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