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PODCAST #150: Weekly Wrapup And Q&A | Kevin Kruse & Tara Millette

In this episode, NY Times best selling author, Kevin Kruse, and LEADx editor, Tara Millette, answer listener questions about leadership, productivity, entrepreneurship and more.
holding back

The 3 Ways You Are Holding Back In Work And Life (Takes Initiative)

Holding back is a concept familiar to most people. As a child, when you’re dared to jump into the water from the highest ledge...

Your Five Tips To Better Team Reflection

Your team is a reflection of you. Taking on this statement, you may feel pride, or you may feel horror. To avoid grotesque reflections of distorted...

PODCAST #149: Make Your Team Smarter | Liz Wiseman

Kevin interviews Liz Wiseman, one of his favorite management thinkers. Her book is Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.

PODCAST #148: From Charity To Fair Wage Work | Leila Janah

Leila Janah believes that giving dignified, steady, fair wage work is the most effective way to eradicate poverty. She is the founder of the non-profit, Samasource. Her new book is Give Work: Reversing Poverty One Job At A Time.

How One Woman Is Fighting Poverty With Social Entrepreneurship

Every second that a penny or a dollar leaves our bank account, we are voting with that money on what kind of a world we want to build.

It’s Not About Finding Your Soulmate

It’s about finding your best friend and the joy of making memories together for the rest of your life. Life is made for adventuring. Life is...

How Much Can You (Mentally) Bench? Six Ways to Build Your Mental Toughness (Problem...

When discussing the characteristics of successful leaders, one trait is often overlooked. It’s not the need for charisma, confidence, or communication skills, we talking...

PODCAST #147: Finding A Mentor Can Make You More Successful | Ellen Ensher (Part...

Part II of Kevin's interview the Dr. Ellen Ensher. How do you approach a potential mentor once you've identified her?
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